Features on Demand

Features On Demand is an exclusive innovation now available on all 60 and 70 platform R-Series loaders. Named as one of only 10 digital products worldwide to receive Innovation Leader’s 2020 Impact Award, this technology allows you to test features easily before buying, select which features you want on your machine, and then enable features later, after purchase, if you decide you need them. As your needs change, you have the flexibility to enable select features on your existing R-Series compact track loader or skid-steer loader quickly and easily – including Two-Speed travel, high-flow hydraulics, automatic ride control, reversing fan and dual-direction bucket positioning – without the need to purchase all-new equipment. 

Add Features as You Need Them

Exclusive technology from Bobcat gives you the flexibility to upgrade your R-Series compact track loader or skid-steer loader – even after purchase. Using an app, dealers can quickly enable additional Features On Demand on your machine to help you accomplish more.

Get the Features You Need, When You Need Them

Operator Inside The Machine Cab Demoing Features Of A Bobcat Compact Track Loader

Demo Features and Buy What You Need

Select new R-Series loaders come to the dealership fully equipped with a variety of premium features – including 2-Speed travel, high-flow hydraulics, automatic ride control, dual-direction bucket positioning and a reversing fan. When you select a machine, you can demo all of these features and decide which features you want to include with your purchase. Your dealer will customize the machine by “turning on” the features you request and you will only pay for those features. With a machine equipped with Features On Demand, you decide which features you want now and in the future.
Bobcat Dealer Using A Smartphone To Add A Feature To A Compact Track Loader

Easily Enable Features After Purchase

If you decide later that you want to enable additional Features On Demand on your loader, simply contact your dealer. Additional features can be purchased throughout the initial warranty period of two years and also during the extended warranty period of one to two years when a full coverage extended warranty is purchased. Select dealers are able to permanently enable additional features during that time quickly and easily. With Bobcat Features On Demand, you have the flexibility to add compact loader features as work demands and budget allows.

How Bobcat Features On Demand Works

Illustration Of Bobcat Dealer Demoing Features On Demand With Customer

Demo All The Features

You demo a fully equipped loader that includes all the features available with Bobcat Features On Demand.
Illustration Of Bobcat Dealer Enabling Selected Features At Time Of Purchase

Buy The Ones You Need

At the time of purchase, you decide you do not need 2-Speed travel, so your dealer does not enable that feature.
Illustration Of Bobcat Customer Calling Dealer To Enable More Features On Compact Track Loader

Your Needs Change

After six months of operating your loader, you regret not buying the 2-Speed travel feature and contact your dealer.
Illustration Of Bobcat Dealer Enabling A Feature Using Features On Demand App On A Smartphone

Purchase Additional Features

You decide to purchase 2-Speed travel and the dealer salesman easily enables this additional feature on your loader using an app.
Illustration Of Bobcat Loader At Work Using New Feature

Quickly Get What You Need

You quickly get the features you need “on demand” for your existing loader without having to purchase all-new equipment.

Available Features On Demand

Features On Demand is currently available on select R-Series loaders and can be enabled on your equipment at the time of purchase or later as your needs change. To learn more about Features On Demand, talk to your local dealer

Bobcat S76 Skid-Steer Loader with pallet fork attachment.

2-Speed Travel

Reduce your travel time across jobsites with 2-Speed travel. Get from one side of the site to the other faster and limit the need to use a trailer to transport your machine.
Bobcat S76 Skid-Steer Loader With Stump Grinder Attachment

High-Flow Hydraulics

Get additional hydraulic power to boost heavy-duty attachment operation. Choose from two flow ranges, including standard flow for attachments that require lower hydraulic flow.
Bobcat S76 Skid-Steer Loader Hauling Dirt On A Construction Site

Automatic Ride Control

Carry material and travel at faster speeds across rough terrain with reduced spillage. Automatic ride control provides a dampening effect that also increases operator comfort.
Bobcat T76 Compact Track Loader With A Bucket Full Of Rocks

Dual-Direction Bucket Positioning

Minimize spilling and maximize efficiency when you add the dual-direction bucket positioning feature; it keeps the bucket load at a consistent angle throughout the lift cycle.
Reversible Fan Inside R-Series Compact Loader

Reversing Fan

Reduce the need for manual cleaning and increase uptime by easily purging debris from the rear engine screen with the reversing fan. Includes auto mode or operator-controlled purge mode.
Bobcat S76 With Bucket Attachment


Conserve fuel and enhance efficiency with the patented auto-throttle feature. Optional for machines with Bobcat Selectable Joystick Controls, auto-throttle automatically applies engine RPM so you can perform tasks more quickly.