Compact Wheel Loaders Attachments

Compact wheel loaders are mainly used for construction, roadwork, recycling, lifting and handling, agriculture and snow removal applications. This is why we offer an extensive range of attachments, meeting work requirements in any of the above fields.

  • Get your compact wheel loader equipped with our advanced attachment control, and control engine speed (max auxiliary flow) and machine speed independently.
  • Use approved loader attachments thanks to our QuickTach-BobTach adapter.
  • Work harder with stronger components and construction.
  • Rely on the best dealer support, parts and service.
  • Rest easy with the 12-month warranty on every serial-numbered Bobcat attachment.

Select the right machine attachment(s) for your needs today.

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Angle Broom Angle broom
Angle Broom
Dirt, dried mud, light snow and other debris are quickly and efficiently swept away with this hydraulically driven attachment.
Bucket (GP), General Purpose Bucket (GP), General Purpose
Bucket (GP), General Purpose
General purpose buckets have a longer bottom than the dirt style.
Bucket, Combination Bucket, Combination
Bucket, Combination
Dozing, grappling, levelling, digging, loading and dumping.
Pallet Forks Pallet Forks
Pallet Forks
Perfect for handling pallets, even in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas like narrow aisles.
Planer, Self-Levelling Planer, Self-Levelling
Planer, Self-Levelling
Equipped with direct-drive, high-torque hydraulic motor.
Salt & Sand Spreader Salt & Sand Spreader
Salt & Sand Spreader
Ideal for spreading in confined areas such as parking lots and pedestrian zones where larger equipment cannot be used.
Snow Blade Snow Blade
Snow Blade
An excellent way to quickly remove light or moderate snow from sidewalks and driveways.
Snow Blower Snow Blower
Snow Blower
Extend your Bobcat® loader work into winter with a hydraulically driven snowblower.
Snow Pusher Snow Pusher
Snow Pusher
Push snow with speed and efficiency from parking lots, driveways and building sites using the Bobcat® Snow Pusher attachment.
Snow V-Blade Snow V-Blade
Snow V-Blade
This versatile, hydraulically operated attachment offers five different blade configurations to help operators move snow fast.
Soil And Asphalt Spreader Soil and Asphalt Spreader
Soil And Asphalt Spreader
Engineered to lay asphalt and other material in order to create sidewalks, widen existing roads or fill trenches fast.
Sweeper Sweeper
The Bobcat sweeper can sweep and collect dirt or other debris in both forward and reverse.