Portable Power

With a line-up of Compressors and Generators using the latest technologies and efficient, reliable components, Portable Power ensures that you can create a self-sufficient job site anywhere, any time.

Generators A 4x4 car transporting a Bobcat Generator as a trailer next to a large industrial building.


Bobcat Generators are designed to simplify operation, improve reliability and meet the needs of challenging applications including rental, construction, oil and gas exploration, special events, industrial, commercial, or disaster relief.

Air Compressors A Bobcat Portable Air Compressor positioned outdoors and secured with wheel chocks.

Air Compressors

Put the power of air to work in even the harshest conditions. With nearly a hundred years of experience perfecting our technology, Bobcat Compressors excel on any job site.

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To find out more about the transition of Doosan Portable Power to Bobcat and updates to our product portfolio, please visit our dedicated page by clicking here.