Bobcat Compact Wheel Loaders

Agricultural compact wheel loaders bring productivity, comfort and dependability to your farm.

Bobcat Compact Wheel Loaders are designed with demanding agricultural business customers in mind, offering superior performance and providing ease of use, operator comfort, high dump height with a long reach, advanced attachment capability, and good all-around visibility. These machines' ability for longer-distance travel and automotive-style controls make them especially versatile for larger farms.

Stay Productive All Day Long

Bobcat's compact wheel loaders prioritize your comfort, ensuring that you can work efficiently and effectively without fatigue. Whether it's muddy fields or potholes, the spacious cab and advanced suspension system ensure a smooth ride over even the roughest terrain. Plus, ergonomic controls are within easy reach, minimizing strain during extended use. Stay focused and productive with the Bobcat, designed for optimal comfort and performance.

An outdoor action shot of a L95 Compact Wheel Loader with a male operator, transporting a bale of hay on a meadow on a cloudy, autumn day.

Efficiency in Motion

Whether traversing roads or uneven terrain, Bobcat's compact wheel loaders offer reliable and efficient transportation, enabling agricultural workers to seamlessly transition between different job sites without delay. With its versatility and a speed reaching up to 40 km/h, the road-legal L95 proves to be the perfect companion for agricultural operations.

An action shot of a male operator using an L95 to push manure out of the aisle inside a cow barn.

Field to Farm: Bobcat Compact Wheel Loaders

Designed to meet the needs of your agricultural business, these machines offer unparalleled productivity, comfort, and reliability. Watch our video to see how these compact machines deliver big results.


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L75 Compact Wheel Loader L75 Compact Wheel Loader Studio

L75 Compact Wheel Loader

The L75 Compact Wheel Loader strikes a perfect balance between versatility and comfort.

Tipping load
2564 kg
Engine power
41 kW
Operating weight
4635 kg

L85 Compact Wheel Loader Bobcat L85 Compact Wheel Loaders

L85 Compact Wheel Loader

Bobcat's L85 Compact Wheel Loader leads the pack in performance, versatility, and maneuverability.

Tipping load
3151 kg
Engine power
50.7 kW
Operating weight
5091 kg

L95 Compact Wheel Loader A front-left view of a Bobcat L95 Compact Wheel Loader with a General Purpose Bucket attachment.

L95 Compact Wheel Loader

Bobcat's most powerful Compact Wheel Loader combines high performance with top-of-the-line tech and smooth operation.

Tipping load
3339 kg
Engine power
55.2 kW
Operating weight
5376 kg

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Maximize Your Machine's Potential with Bobcat Attachments

Built to tackle the diverse challenges of agriculture, our loaders seamlessly adapt thanks to a variety of Bobcat attachments. From handling feed and materials with buckets and forks to clearing brush and debris with grapples and augers, our compact wheel loaders are your all-in-one solution for farm work.

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A studio shot of Farm grapple – utility on bucket attachment. The attachment consists of a bucket and a fangs-like grapple on top of it.

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