Better Maintenance, Less Downtime, Increased Resale Value.

Bobcat Fluid Analysis - Your Machine Health Check Program

With the demands put upon equipment today, maintenance is not something that should be neglected. The Bobcat Fluid Analysis Program provides additional knowledge on operating conditions and highlights warning flags for problems before they become expensive repairs without having to disassemble the equipment.


Program Features image

Program Features

  • Available for all Bobcat equipment as well as non-Bobcat machines and other vehicles.
  • Online reporting options.
  • Sampling kits covering all possible testing needs (hydraulic oil, engine oil, transmissions, fuel, coolant)
  • Fast lab turnaround time. 
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Program Benefits

  • Identify minor problems before they become major failures.
  • Identify contaminants and monitor the condition of the fluid.
  • Maximize machine reliability and prevent unexpected failures. Analysis data can help ensure machines are functional and making money.
  • Increase resale value with provable sampling history. Analysis results provide valuable maintenance history documentation that can justify higher equipment resale values.
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs.
  • Proof of performance on genuine Bobcat fluids and parts.

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