The only lubricants that satisfy Bobcat engineering’s most stringent performance requirements.

Bobcat Lubricants

Bobcat’s range of genuine lubricants and greases combines high performance, long life, and durability. They are made from the finest base oils and specific additives to provide an outstanding level of protection to your Bobcat equipment with the same quality as the original factory fill. 

Made to Specification

Bobcat genuine lubricants are custom blended to meet each machine’s requirements and optimized for their intended purpose. While oil for different applications or from different vendors can look similar, none of them can replicate our original, genuine blends. 

Performance and Protection Balance

Engine, hydraulic, or transmission components all use oils. However, each are very different and designed for various purposes under diverse conditions. Bobcat genuine lubricants provide the best performance and equipment protection as using the wrong oil can quickly impact the machine’s function or reliability.

Engine oil image

Engine Oil

Engine oil has a hard job. It must withstand high temperatures and pressures during combustion, while providing lubrication and other functions during millions of engine rotations between service intervals. 

  • Our high-performance oils are designed to provide optimal protection during various working operating conditions. They offer excellent soot handling, wear protection, and resistance to breakdown under high temperatures.
  • The low-ash formulation of Bobcat Ultra Engine Power helps protect the exhaust catalyst and particle filters as used on the latest low-emission vehicles. It makes the oil suitable for the most modern low-emission heavy-duty engines.
  • Tested by Bobcat for Bobcat equipment to deliver expected performance. No generic off-the-shelf oil can say the same.

Hydraulic & Hydrostatic Oil

Hydraulic oil is the blood and muscle of the machine. Responsible for delivering the power to the working group, it must ensure efficient pressure transfer with minimum power loss or leaks, while protecting the system from wear and corrosion.

  • Bobcat Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Fluid is a unique, custom-blended fluid containing the finest base oils and additives. All fluids meet Bobcat Engineering’s stringent specifications for quality and reliability during manufacture.
  • Features a custom formulation that cannot be replaced by any off-the-shelf product and is the only oil approved for use in Bobcat machines
  • Designed to provide optimum flow and pumpability at subzero temperatures, yet maintain excellent stability during periods of use at high temperatures.
  • Bobcat’s special formula cannot be duplicated from off-the-shelf hydraulic fluids.
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Bobcat offers different greases to protect machine components in a wide range of operating conditions to meet your specific needs.

  • Highly adhesive: Highly adhesive and cohesive structure; broad multi-purpose application; reduced leakage and extended re-lubrication for less frequent usage.
  • Multi-Purpose: Excellent protection for lubricated equipment offering extended life and reduced maintenance.
Axle Oil image

Axle / Transmission Oil

  • Bobcat Transmission and Differential Fluid is an extra high-performance, multipurpose lubricant. It has been engineered to meet or exceed transmission and certain hydraulic fluid requirements. The advanced technology in the fluid optimizes the performance of equipment operating in a wide range of environments and conditions.
  • Bobcat Transmission and Differential Fluid combines select base oils and an advanced additive package to deliver the varied lubricant performance properties required in heavy-duty applications of a variety of equipment drive trains.
  • Bobcat Transmission and Differential Fluid delivers exceptional performance for power train transmissions and drive axles.
Coolant image

Coolant / Antifreeze

Bobcat PreMix Coolants are designed specifically for Bobcat heavy-duty applications, providing freeze protection at temperatures as low as -36°C.

  • Developed for ideal engine and cooling systems protection by ensuring effective removal of heat from the engine and preventing overheating.
  • Maximum protection against freezing, boiling, corrosion, and lime-scale formation compatible with long-term stability and non-foaming properties.
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PRO-TEC® and XHP 605 Compressor Oil

PRO-TEC® Compressor Fluid is designed specifically for the high performance demands of Bobcat compressors up to 300 psi. Our proprietary formulation achieves superior performance and extends your equipment life.

XHP 605 is a hydrocarbon-based synthetic lubricant, using a patented process, designed and approved for Bobcat compressors operating above 300 psi.

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