Coupler, Hydraulic Tilt

Coupler, Hydraulic Tilt

The Bobcat Hydraulic Tilt Coupler allows you to change attachments hydraulically, rapidly and from the comfort and security of your cab. Coupler systems turn excavators into tool-carriers, switching between different buckets and attachments in a matter of seconds. It combines all the benefits of a quick coupler with a tilt actuator. So you can always use the right tool for the job, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Features & Benefits

  • More flexibility with great working range: 90° tilting on both sides
  • Unlock process (hydraulic) is designed to release only when the operator intends to do so, in a controlled and safe manner
  • Compact design with low build actuator height to improve breakout force and performance
  • Oil feed through the actuator
  • Actuator sealed and protected against damage
  • High retention forces and robust design for toughest applications
  • Also available with lifting hook (3 - 5 ton)

Compatible Models

Popular Attachments

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Wood Chipper Wood Chipper

Wood Chipper

The Bobcat® wood chipper attachment grinds branches, trees and limbs, reducing branch volume 10 to 1.
Water Kit Water Kit

Water Kit

When using attachments such as a vibratory roller, angle broom or sweeper, add the water kit to help reduce dust.
Vibratory Roller Vibratory Roller

Vibratory Roller

The ideal compacting tool for flatwork, trenches and asphalt patching jobs.
Utility Frame Utility Frame

Utility Frame

Weld this accessory to non Bobcat® attachments to convert to Bob-TachTM mount.
Utility Fork Utility Fork

Utility Fork

Handle materials easier and move materials faster with the utility fork attachment.
Trench Compactor Trench Compactor

Trench Compactor

Packs soil after power, water lines or other shallow trenches have been installed in a yard, golf course, park, etc.
Tree Transplanter, Convertible Tree Transplanter, Convertible

Tree Transplanter, Convertible

Turn your loader into a tree harvesting unit with this rugged, dependable, attachment that is simple to operate and easy to manoeuvre.
Tilt-Tatch Tilt-Tatch™


Tilt-TatchTM increases the versatility of Bobcat® buckets, pallet forks and other attachments.
Tiller Tiller


Break ground, prepare soil for planting, amend soil with fertilizer, manure or mulch.
Sweeper Sweeper


The Bobcat sweeper can sweep and collect dirt or other debris in both forward and reverse.
Sweeper, Multipurpose Sweeper, Multipurpose

Sweeper, Multipurpose

The Bobcat multipurpose sweeper can sweep and collect dirt or other debris.
Sweeper, Multipurpose Sweeper, Multipurpose

Sweeper, Multipurpose

The Bobcat multipurpose sweeper can sweep and collect dirt or other debris.
Supercharger Supercharger


An electric charger optimized for your new E10e.
Steel Tracks Steel Tracks

Steel Tracks

Improve performance in rough, rocky, and muddy conditions with steel tracks.
Sonic Tracer Sonic Tracer

Sonic Tracer

The tracer emits a sonic signal to maintain a set distance or elevation from an object, surface or the ground.
Soil And Asphalt Spreader Soil and Asphalt Spreader

Soil And Asphalt Spreader

Engineered to lay asphalt and other material in order to create sidewalks, widen existing roads or fill trenches fast.
Sod Layer Sod Layer

Sod Layer

Whether laying sod is a normal part of your day-to-day operation or just an occasional chore, the Bobcat® sod layer attachment can make the job go mor
Snow Pusher Snow Pusher

Snow Pusher

Push snow with speed and efficiency from parking lots, driveways and building sites using the Bobcat® Snow Pusher attachment.
Silt Fence Installer Silt Fence Installer

Silt Fence Installer

The silt fence installer attachment provides a more efficient and much more secure method of installing silt fence than the traditional methods of dig
Seeder Seeder


Acurate seed placement and adjustable metering.
Scraper Scraper


Use to remove stubborn, packed-on mud, snow and ice from driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, bike paths, wherever build-up occurs.
Scarifier Scarifier


Has the power to rip apart hard packed ground and prepare for digging or landscaping.
Salt & Sand Spreader Salt & Sand Spreader

Salt & Sand Spreader

Ideal for spreading in confined areas such as parking lots and pedestrian zones where larger equipment cannot be used.
Ride-on Platform Ride-on Platform

Ride-on Platform

With our Ride-on Platform Kit you can easily alternate between ride-on or walk-behind operation depending on the work.
Rib Handler Rib Handler

Rib Handler

With this attachment you can mount arches in tunnels safely and efficiently.
Remote Control Remote Control

Remote Control

Control your Bobcat loader without the need to be in the cab.
Rear Stabilizers Rear Stabilizers

Rear Stabilizers

Increase your auger, backhoe or tree spade performance in a wide range of jobs with a set of frame-mounted rear stabilizers.
Rear snow blower Rear snow blower

Rear snow blower

Bobcat 3-point snowblowers are perfect for blowing off snow away from concrete or gravel driveways and parking lots.
Rake Rake


Easily rakes and collects surface debris, such as rocks, roots, and weeds.
Plate Compactor Plate Compactor

Plate Compactor

Mounted at the end of the excavator boom, the plate compactor can reach the bottom of trenches.