Landscape Rake

Landscape Rake

  • Give any worksite the perfect finish with the landscape rake attachment 
  • Rake and collect surface debris while smoothing and leveling the soil 
  • Picks up most rocks ½ inch and smaller 
  • When full, dump the collected debris for a completely clean finish

Features & Benefits

Top Tasks

  • Remove debris, prepare seedbeds and level soil before laying turf 
  • Smooth soil 
  • Collect surface debris for site clean-up 
  • Prepare lawns for spreading topsoil 

How It Works

Rake bars connected to a chain are driven by a hydraulic motor. The bars rake debris into the bucket while preparing soil for sod or seed.  The operator can use the attachment's adjustable side skis to control the depth. A hydraulic cylinder opens the top cover for easy dumping and allows the bucket and cutting edge to push and scrape debris. 

Compatible Models


Landscape Rake - 5B
Landscape Rake - 6B
Operating Weight
1109 lb
1237 lb
63.3 in
63.3 in
66.6 in
78.6 in
40.4 in
40.4 in
Number of Teeth (Total)
Working Width
60 in
72 in
Bucket Capacity
12.1 ft³
14.3 ft³
Number of Tooth Bars


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including engine exhaust (including diesel engine exhaust when equipped), lead and lead compounds, mineral oils, soots, phthalates, and carbon monoxide which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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