Maximize uptime, minimize maintenance costs, and protect your investment with Machine IQ.

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Bobcat Machine IQ

Monitor and manage your machines from virtually anywhere, any time.

Monitor the health of your Bobcat machine and remotely track information that enhances maintenance, security and performance. 

This simple, yet powerful tool empowers you to get the most out of your Bobcat equipment - to accomplish more - while protecting your investment at the same time. A quick scan of your mobile device or computer and your workday becomes more productive and cost efficient. That’s the power of Machine IQ.

Get More Done with Machine IQ

  • Analyze the efficiency and productivity of your fleet. 
  • Track your machine’s location history, operating hours and fuel usage.  
  • Receive maintenance and operation notifications.  
  • Create a tailored maintenance schedule based on how you use your machine.  
  • Access machine information any time via your Bobcat owner portal account at

Machine IQ Packages

With this subscription-based service, Bobcat machine owners get access to the Machine IQ Basics package for all connected equipment at no cost for the first two years (from the date of original purchase). Machines connected with an aftermarket kit begin their Machine IQ Basics subscription once the telematics device is connected.


Machine IQ Basics  

Enhance operational efficiency, optimize your performance and make better decisions with our essential telematics service. 

  • 24/7 access to machine information through the Bobcat Owner Portal or Machine IQ mobile app 
  • Monitor your machine's operating hours, fuel levels and maintenance intervals 
  • View your machine's current location and track the location history 


Machine IQ Health & Security  

When you upgrade to the Health and Security package, you get advanced machine analytics and reporting, plus customizable notifications to be more responsive to your machine's health and status. 

With the advanced Health and Security package you get more robust machine data, plus the convenience of proactive email notifications. Upgrade your machine subscription to the Health and Security package to monitor your machines even more closely.  

  • Includes all Basics package features  
  • Fault code notifications with troubleshooting steps to take the guesswork out of diagnosing machine issues 
  • Utilization reports in easy-to-understand charts to view machine(s) performance 
  • Advanced fleet-level reporting to optimize job site efficiency 
  • Motion detection, geofence creation, and curfew alerts to give you peace of mind that your investment is protected 
Health & Security
GPS Location and History
Fuel Level
Custom Asset Name
Maintenance Interval Tracking
Machine Grouping
Maintenance Reminder Email Alerts
Fault Notifications and Troubleshooting
Geofence Creation and Breach Notifications
Curfew Creation and Breach Notifications
Motion Detection Notifications
Machine Utilization Reporting
In-Portal Notification Management

Factory-Installed Machine IQ Equipment

These models come equipped with Machine IQ right from the factory.

Connectable Machines

These models are designed for connectivity and can be easily linked to the Machine IQ service using an aftermarket kit. Contact your dealer for more information.

Machine Type
S62 Skid-Steer Loader
S64 Skid-Steer Loader
S66 Skid-Steer Loader
S76 Skid-Steer Loader
S86 Skid-Steer Loader
S770 Skid-Steer Loader
T62 Compact Track Loader
T64 Compact Track Loader
T66 Compact Track Loader
T76 Compact Track Loader
T86 Compact Track Loader
T740 Compact Track Loader
T770 Compact Track Loader
E26 Compact Excavator
E32 Compact Excavator
E35i Compact Excavator (Non-Current)
E42 Compact Excavator
E45 Compact Excavator (Non-Current)
E50 Compact Excavator
E60 Compact Excavator
E85 Compact Excavator (Non-Current)
E145 Large Excavator
L23 Small Articulated Loader
L28 Small Articulated Loader
UW53 Toolcat Utility Work Machine
UW56 Toolcat Utility Work Machine

Get Started Using Machine IQ

First, Create Your Account on Your Mobile Device or Desktop Manage Bobcat equipment from app

First, Create Your Account on Your Mobile Device or Desktop

  1. Go to and create your user account.
  2. Use the "Claim my machine" feature to add your machine.
  3. Download the Customer Machine IQ mobile app and begin accessing your machine insights on your mobile device.
Next, Claim Your Machine and Subscribe to Machine IQ An image showing the Machine IQ setup on a mobile device.

Next, Claim Your Machine and Subscribe to Machine IQ

Use the "Claim My Machine" feature to access machine information for your connected machines.

Access your connected Bobcat Machine through your owner portal using the "Claim My Machine" feature. 

  1. Log into your Owner Portal Account 
  2. Click on "Register new assets" or "Claim my machine" 
  3. Enter your serial number and select desired subscription 

A notification will be sent to your servicing dealer to complete the machine/subscription assignment.  

Once completed, you'll receive an email letting you know Machine IQ is activated for that machine. 

Download the Machine IQ App

Now it's easier and more convenient for Bobcat owners to stay connected to their machine(s) - the Machine IQ mobile app delivers all machine telematics data included with a user's Owner Portal Account.