Narrow-Aisle Forklifts


Empower your crew’s productivity raise to new heights with narrow aisle forklifts and reach trucks. They pack power into a small, yet mighty package that includes a tight turning radius and a selection of mast designs.

Productivity, Safety & Low Operating Costs

Electric narrow-aisle forklifts and reach trucks from Bobcat® provide a smart mix of productivity, operator safety and low operating costs. In this Class II offering of trucks, capacities range from 3,000 to 4,000 pounds.

They include many standard features that are unavailable in other trucks, including modern designs, excellent ergonomics and advanced safety and productivity features, all wrapped in a small, but powerful package. Choose between multiple mast designs for specific applications.


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BR18SP-7 Plus
A Bobcat BR18SP-7 Plus Electric Narrow Aisle Forklift Against a Black Background
BR18SP-7 Plus

Machine Rated Capacity
3500 lb
36 V

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BR20SP-7 Plus
BR20SP-7 Plus Electric Forklift Against a White Background
BR20SP-7 Plus

Machine Rated Capacity
4000 lb
36 V

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BOP15S-9 Electric Forklift Against a White Background

Machine Rated Capacity
3000 lb
24 V

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An Operator Loads Materials From a Warehouse Shelf Onto a Bobcat BOP15S-9 Forklift

Modern Safety Features

Modern safety features include the Guardian Stability System (GSS) and the Operator Sensing System (OSS), which work together to enhance stability and improve operator safety. Superior visibility has been achieved through various improvements, such as an optimized mast design, a lowered dashboard and a redesigned overhead guard in a bar-type configuration. 

Additionally, these vehicles are equipped with electronic parking brakes (EPB) and a programmable speed limit for both forward and reverse movements. For added safety, the BOP15S-9 comes with auto-directional alignment as well as height proximity sensors. The BR18/BR20SP-7 Plus models include an auto-centering drive tire and smooth electronic power steering. 

These modern safety features collectively contribute to a safer and more secure operating environment. 

Controls on the Bobcat BOP15S-9 Forklift

Rugged Reliability

Easy-to-diagnose and fully adjustable Curtis AC controls provide an unbeatable combination of power, performance and functionality, while the AC drive and steer and pump motors deliver smooth movement and lower energy consumption, with no traditional brushes to fail or the need to be serviced. 

The controller and motor cutback system offers excellent protection to the drive and lift motors for added reliability and durability in demanding applications, while water-tight seals on the electrical connections prevent water from penetrating and causing short circuits.  

Heavy-duty components are manufactured to strict tolerances, which reduce wear and extend service life, while centralized major components make preventative maintenance quick and simple. 

A Bobcat BOP15S-9 Forklift With the Mast Extended Works Near the Top Shelf in a Warehouse

Outstanding Productivity

These machines not only prioritize safety but also ensure enhanced productivity.  

Easy-to-diagnose and fully adjustable Curtis AC controls provide an unbeatable combination of power, performance and functionality, while the AC drive and steer and pump motors deliver smooth movement and lower energy consumption, resulting in fewer maintenance intervals when compared to DC motors. 

LED lighting, multi-travel modes and top-tier travel speeds make sure you can get where you’re going safely and quickly. The BOP15S-9 allows the operator to set up to eight preset height selections, further enhancing productivity. The ergonomically designed operator compartments assure your operators are provided with the highest levels of comfort and control possible. A bright, intuitive electronic display provides adjustable performance modes and onboard diagnostics. 

These reliable productivity enhancements make these lift trucks an asset in all operational environments. 

An Operator Attaches a Fall Protection Mechanism to a Bobcat BOP15S-9 Forklift

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

AC motors used in this system are incredibly low maintenance, requiring little to no attention. Troubleshooting is made simple and efficient with the help of Curtis onboard diagnostics (OBD). Additionally, the stabilizing caster's spring tension can be easily adjusted, ensuring a smooth and stable ride for the user. The rear door design is another advantageous feature, as it provides convenient access to the main components, facilitating faster and easier maintenance procedures. 

Service intervals have been extended, requiring less downtime and a lower cost of repairs. Wide opening doors and hoods allow ample access to main components, while fuses and relays are centralized for convenient access.  

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