Bobcat RogueX2 Concept Loader


Designed cab-free specifically for remote operation, RogueX and RogueX2 concept machines go beyond imagination by using advanced kinematics and providing vertical and radial path lift capabilities in one machine.

All-Electric & Autonomous Concept With Limitless Possibility 

RogueX2 is a concept machine from Bobcat that closely resembles a compact track loader, but it is a cabless machine that creates an entirely new genre of compact equipment. It was built as a next step to advance the Bobcat innovation roadmap, evaluate customer perceptions, and challenge the paradigms of traditional kinematics and machine functionality. RogueX2 is a second iteration of this Bobcat invention, following the original RogueX. 


Zero Emissions, Electric Drive System, No Hydraulics

RogueX2 is an all-electric and autonomous concept machine that produces zero emissions and features a lithium-ion battery, electric drive system and no hydraulics. Designed with wheels to optimize the electric battery runtime, it features axial flux motors, which give the machine incredible tractive effort. It delivers greater power output for the demanding, heavy-duty applications of today – and tomorrow. 

Making of the RogueX Concept Machine

What’s possible when you merge multiple new technologies, like EV and autonomy, with a new design? The innovation team set out to explore the “art of possible” with a design free of the constraints of an operator station. Go behind the scenes on this latest groundbreaking Bobcat innovation and see the realm of possibilities opened up with the new cabless design. 

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