Independent Testing Confirms Bobcat Tracks are More Durable

The proof is in the results of independent testing: Bobcat compact loader tracks are more durable and outperform other brands. In independent testing, Bobcat tracks were compared to other brands to determine durability and quality, based on the test control factors of: how well they stand up to cuts and chipping, as well as each track’s wear resistance to continuous ground contact. 

Bobcat Tracks Retain More Mass Over Time 

Tests show that Bobcat tracks wear evenly and slowly. Rigorous testing found that overall, Bobcat tracks retained 21% more mass than other will-fit brands.  

Every Bobcat brand track tested retained more mass than the tested “will-fit” tracks. Additionally, the will-fit tracks lost mass more inconsistently than Bobcat, with wear rates varying as much as 31% - even within the same will-fit track. 

Bobcat Tracks Retain More Diameter 

The same independent study measured track diameter wear of Bobcat tracks and will-fit brands. And again, Bobcat tracks out-performed the competition.  

Seven Bobcat track patterns were tested alongside a group of will-fit brands for diameter retention over time, and all seven Bobcat tracks retained more diameter than the competition. Bobcat tracks retained up to 30% more track diameter than the will-fit tracks. 

Up to 30% more retention in track diameter means that Bobcat tracks keep more track on the ground, for longer - and that means better track performance, less time replacing tracks and more run time on the jobsite. 

Next Steps on Bobcat Rubber Tracks  

Bobcat rubber tracks are available through your local Bobcat dealer, or you can shop for Bobcat rubber tracks online at            

View or download the Bobcat Track Buying Guide or the Bobcat Track Brochure.  

Know how to choose the right rubber tracks for your compact track loader and your jobsite needs.