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R2-Series: The Mini Excavator That Will Revolutionize Your Work

Published on December 10, 2020

Think all mini excavators are the same? You’re not alone. A quick scan of products on the market today reveals dozens of machines that promise to dig trenches, grade and finish and demolish whatever you might need.

At Bobcat, we think it’s time for a revolution in excavators. In fact, we’ve already started one: Our R2-Series compact excavators go beyond the plain vanilla features you find on other machines, and come packed with super-responsive hydraulics, amazing lift capacity, eye-popping arm- and bucket-strength and a spacious interior. With the R2-Series excavators, we’re not only revolutionizing the definition of standard. (We think you deserve more.) We’re also revolutionizing the way you work and the experience you have while working.

Precise Movements and Control

We improved the controls in Bobcat R2-Series excavators to operate like an extension of you, with a precision you’ve never experienced before. Move the ultra-responsive joysticks and watch the arm flex, grip, dig and swing like it’s part of your own body. It’s all thanks to the R2-Series’ new, revolutionary hydraulic control valve, which puts every hydraulic movement under your control.

Big Lifts and Aggressive Digs

Your work is demanding, you need an excavator that won’t shy away from the tough jobs. Bobcat R2-Series excavators deliver maximum hydraulic and engine horsepower, so you can tackle complex projects and aggressive digging. No trade-offs here.

In addition, you can take on projects that require a lot of side-lifting as well. How? Peek at the undercarriage – you’ll see the dual flange track roller system extends closer to the track’s edge. Paired with the integrated counterweight inside, R2-Series excavators have improved over-the-side digging and slewing performance, and lift-over-side capacity.

And the exclusive Bobcat depth check system gives you the precision you need to hit the right depth and grade every time – no more jumping out of the cab to measure. All 4-8t R2-Series excavators come ready to install this patented system so you can start using it now – no need for add-on displays.

Superior Comfort

We didn’t skimp on the good stuff. Working 10- to 12-hour days won’t be a back-killer in the spacious cab of a R2-Series excavator. With a king-sized adjustable chair, 20% more interior cab space than other brands, taller, wider windows and an optional rear camera, you can focus on the work and feel good doing it.

Plus you get instant information to troubleshoot from your seat, with new displays in R2-Series excavators that provide detailed diagnostics and critical machine monitoring, without digging for codes or references. And if you want to make it even easier on yourself, go for the optional touch display – offering a wide, easy-to-read touch screen, Bluetooth™ connectivity and machine performance info right on the display. It’s like running your own command center.

Low Maintenance

Downtime is a deal-breaker. We designed the R2-Series excavators to minimize your time in the shop and maximize your time on the job. How? Bobcat excavators use a non-DPF Tier 4 engine – which eliminates costly DPF maintenance requirements. And the Bobcat engine is even more efficient in R2-Series excavators. It delivers improved cold-weather operation, simplifies and cuts back on routine maintenance, all while delivering the performance you need to conquer even bigger projects.

Versatile Attachments

Attachment hookup has always been quick and easy. To make it even better, R2-Series models include new, easier-to-reach arm-mounted auxiliary hydraulics. An optional clamp diverter valve improves your ability to run other attachments – without disconnecting the clamp. Plus the integrated lift eye helps you quickly move objects around the jobsite.
Got a Bobcat loader? You can even share some of those same attachments for more versatility and profitability.

Don’t Settle For Second-Best

Get the revolution your work demands. If you’re in the market for a new compact excavator, a Bobcat R2-Series model should be at the top of your list. Don’t settle for plain vanilla, you deserve a truly revolutionary, power-packed machine. Use the Build & Quote tool to put together your ideal R2-Series excavator and connect with a dealer today.