Zero-Turn Mowers: Access Points and Serviceability

Built for easy serviceability, Bobcat® zero-turn mowers have intuitive access points to internal components that make maintenance quick and easy.

Servicing Your Zero-Turn Mower Made Easy

Features & Benefits

Bobcat Zero-Turn Mower Rotating Bumper

Engine Access Right at Your Fingertips

Bobcat Company’s innovative rotating bumper design makes oil changes and routine engine service a walk in the park. Engineered for easy maintenance, the bumper on the ZT7000 and the ZT6100 rotates out to give you instant access to a 4-bolt, sub-assembled engine as well as critical drive system components. Whether you’re servicing the engine or drive system, maintenance and belt changes can be done easily with fewer steps and fewer tools than any other zero-turn mower. At the end of the day, that translates to more work done and less downtime in the shop.
Bobcat Zero-Turn Mower Footplate access

Quick Deck Access from the Footplate

Get quick access to the deck from the footplate to make changing out your deck and drive belts easy.
Flip-up seat on ZT7000 for easy access

Flip Up the Seat for Effortless Maintenance Access

Forget about taking your mower apart just to make simple repairs. Bobcat zero-turn mowers feature a smart, flip-up seat design that gives you access to the transmission, battery, fuses and linkages for efficient repairs.
Bobcat ZS4000 Zero-Turn Stand-On Mower Rider Pad

ZS4000 Maintenance Made Easy

Maintaining your ZS4000 zero-turn mower is easy with a tethered, easily removable operator pad for access to every component of the mower.