Zero-Turn Mowers: Cutting Decks

There’s a lot that goes into engineering the perfect cut – and it goes beyond just the cutting blade. It takes ingenuity, innovation and intelligence working in harmony. From deep deck designs and their unique geometries to patented baffle, airflow and vacuum-seal technologies – Bobcat® zero-turn mower cutting decks deliver a quality of cut virtually no other zero-turn mower can.

Features & Benefits

Bobcat Zero-Turn Mower AirFX Cutting Deck

The AirFX™ Cutting Deck - Engineered to Keep You on Top

The science behind the perfect cut is defined by the AirFX zero-turn mower cutting deck, available on the ZS4000, ZT6000, ZT6100 and the ZT7000. Built to tackle all turf types, it features a deep, bullnose design that increases vacuum, lifting grass up to the cutting blade for a superior quality of cut and a better-protected cutting deck. Its bolt-on, air-gap baffle technology also accelerates airflow under the deck and aggressively shoots clippings out the extra-large discharge chute for better dispersion, which means less clean up at the end of the day. And when it comes to quality of cut, no zero-turn mower deck would be complete without an industry-leading spindle and blade assembly that can cut each blade of grass down to size – not tear it – for a perfect cut every time.
Bobcat Zero-Turn Mower TufDeck Cutting System

A Superior Cut You Can Depend on with the TufDeck™

The TufDeck cutting system, available on the ZT2000, is designed with 4-bolt, steel-fabricated spindle assemblies and a 7-gauge steel plate under the spindles for reinforced durability. Bolt-on, double-wave baffles increase airflow throughout the deck for even clipping dispersal and a clean, dependable cut. Tough and reliable for a perfectly manicured finish – every time.
Bobcat Zero-Turn Mower TufDeck Pro Cutting System

Mow Like a Pro with the TufDeck™ Pro

Designed for those who want to mow like the pros, the TufDeck Pro cutting system is available on the ZT3000 and ZT3500. The cutting system features a bullnose design with 6-bolt, cast-aluminum, welded spindles designed to withstand commercial-grade demands. Bolt-on, double-wave baffles increase airflow throughout the deck for enhanced cutting performance. The powerful airflow shoots clippings out of an extra-large discharge chute for a cleaner deck and cleaner finished cut.