Getting the Job Done With Bobcat in the Wild West

Published on February 1, 2024

Randy Brown is a musician who navigates the balance between hard work and enjoyment, both on and off his ranches in Western Colorado. Leveraging Bobcat® equipment, he efficiently handles diverse tasks on his ranches, allowing him to get the job done in the wild west. Read more to learn about Randy’s effective utilization of these tools. 

Whether he’s making music full time or managing his ranches out in Western Colorado, Randy Brown knows all about managing his time efficiently. To support his career, Randy uses Bobcat equipment, such as the E35 compact excavator and the Toolcat™ utility work machine, to complete everything from feeding and taking care of animals to cutting and mowing hay, fixing fences and much more. Using his Bobcat machines, Randy gets all the necessary jobs done so he can spend more time traveling across the wild west.  

365 days of support: Bobcat empowers Randy Brown year-round.  

Randy Brown puts in the hard work to make his goals come to life. Managing his ranches year-round comes with many different responsibilities, which can be time-consuming without efficient tools. Investing in Bobcat equipment has helped Randy stay productive while he cuts down on time.  

The excavator does a lot of stuff that I need that would just take a long, long time with a shovel. The excavator is very, very handy when it comes to the summertime work, and the Toolcat is very, very handy when it comes to year-round.

Randy Brown

Musician and Ranch Manager

Randy's fusion of work and joy with Bobcat 

We’ve all heard the saying “work hard, play hard,” and Randy knows just how to do it. Finding enjoyment while he’s working on and off the ranch continues to push his drive toward success.  

With Bobcat equipment, Randy enjoys managing the ranch.

I chose to do equipment and figured out that I love it! Enjoy it, make the most of it, because pretty soon, you’re going to be too old to do it.

Randy Brown

Musician and Ranch Manager

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