Best Bobcat Attachments to Rent

Published on July 12, 2019

Don’t have the right attachment for the job? Consider renting. For tasks you only do a few times a year, Bobcat attachment rentals eliminate the need for storage and let you explore whether purchasing an attachment down the road makes sense for your operation. Renting compact track loader and skid-steer attachments is often more cost-effective than hiring a subcontractor to do the work for you. Homeowners can also pair a rented attachment with a rented loader or excavator to take on weekend projects. The most popular attachments to rent are those that are designed for specialized tasks and have a higher purchase price. Here are the most-rented Bobcat attachments:


A grapple lets you grab and hold bulky materials and odd-shaped objects – perfect for tasks in a variety of settings, including construction, landscaping, grounds maintenance and ag. Choose from an industrial grappleroot grapple or utility grapple to get the right fit for the job. 

Drum Mulcher

The drum mulcher makes quick work of removing brush and small trees and turning them into mulch. In just two steps, you can shred trees from top to bottom – whether you’re clearing every tree in an area or selectively thinning stands. If land clearing is something you only do once or twice a season, renting this attachment makes sense.


Dig deeper and faster – even in hard, rocky soil – with a Bobcat auger attachment. With 6- to 48-inch diameter bits available, you’re able to get the right size hole for the job in any digging condition. Augers can be useful rentals for planting trees and installing piers, poles, and fenceposts.


Great for industrial, construction and municipal jobs, a sweeper attachment makes quick work of cleaning debris and caked-on material off roads, driveways and other jobsites. When a broom and dustpan just won’t cut it, renting a sweeper attachment is a great choice.


Turn your loader into a demolition machine by renting a Bobcat breaker. Both hydraulic breakers and nitrogen breakers can help you break concrete faster and cut through rocks easier.

Stump Grinder

Taking down a troublesome tree? Eliminate its stump with a Bobcat stump grinder. The attachment mounts directly to the front of a loader for maneuverability in tight areas and easy positioning over the stump. This is a great rental for homeowners with acreages, as well as for municipalities, grounds maintenance crews and landscaping contractors.

Soil Conditioner

Prepare ground for seed, sod, trees and other plantings, and lay a good foundation for growth with a soil conditioner. Its carbide-tipped teeth pulverize the soil, ripping through clumps, leveling ground and filling in pits and holes. The attachment’s ability to push rocks and debris to the edge of the jobsite makes cleanup and removal easy.

Brushcat Rotary Cutter

Need to clean up overgrown grass, brush and small trees up to 3 inches in diameter? The Brushcat rotary cutter easily cuts through brush thanks to a cutting height of 3 inches and widths from 66 to 80 inches. On a slope, the Brushcat cutter moves parallel with the ground so there’s never a need to double back to even the cut. This attachment is a great rental option for those in construction, agriculture, municipal grounds maintenance and parks and recreation departments.

The attachments your dealer or rental store carries can vary depending on season and location. If you know you’ll have a job in the coming months that requires renting an attachment, consider calling your rental location now to reserve the Bobcat attachment in advance.

If you decide that a Bobcat attachment rental could make a great investment for your business, these tips can help you decide if purchasing an attachment is right for you.