Why this Landscaper Switched to Bobcat from a Competitive Brand

Published on December 14, 2020

Superior Landscaping evolved over the years, and so did Jim’s equipment needs. Originally a fan of another equipment brand, Jim was hesitant to try out a Bobcat compact track loader.

Why this Landscaper Switched to Bobcat from a Competitive Brand 

It all started with a dream and a family legacy. 

“I’ve always been involved in construction,” Jim Mensching says. “My family had a construction company, and I’ve been bouncing around from different landscape and hardscape companies ever since high school. Eventually I decided it was time to quit working for everybody else and focus on working for myself.” 

Since launching Superior Landscaping in 2017, Jim’s services have evolved from simple landscape and hardscape to a variety of different tasks. These services include landscape installation and maintenance, building retaining walls and paver patios, excavation, demolition and more. 

“Our services have grown and changed throughout the years,” Jim explains. “I always set goals for where I want to be, and then I just work hard to make them happen.

Making the switch to Bobcat landscaping equipment 

As Superior Landscaping evolved over the years, so did Jim’s equipment needs. Originally a fan of another landscaping equipment brand, Jim was hesitant to try out a Bobcat compact track loader

“It was time to replace one of my old machines, and I couldn’t find a good fit with my old brand,” he says. “All the new machines were difficult to operate. It got to the point where my knees just couldn’t take it. I could hardly walk when I got out of the machine.” 

Looking for relief wherever he could find it, Jim went back to the drawing board with his search. 

“I wanted a track loader with joystick controls, so I started going through everybody on the market again,” Jim says. “I was super unimpressed with my old brand, but a buddy of mine recommended Bobcat equipment, so I gave it a try. I demoed the machine and loved the Bobcat selectable joystick controls and the smooth ride quality. I went from being the kid who said he would never own a Bobcat machine to owning four of them.” 

In addition to his T595 compact track loader with Bobcat selectable joystick controls, Jim purchased an MT85 mini track loader, R-Series T76 compact track loader, R2-Series E42 compact excavator and a ZS4000 zero-turn stand-on mower

The T76 demonstrates its impressive lift height.

Landscaping equipment for every occasion 

With a fleet of versatile, powerful and reliable Bobcat equipment at its disposal, Superior Landscaping is ready to tackle the unique challenges of its diverse jobsites. Using their T595 and T76 track loaders, Jim’s crew can knock out multiple full-yard installations with ease. 

“The T76 and the T595 work really well together,” he says. “The T76 has the extra lift height we need for reaching into our semis, and the T595 is like a little tank. It doesn’t stop – it can go through just about anything.” 

While the T595 track loader is a classic crowd pleaser, Jim’s crew also enjoys the comfort features found inside their new T76

“The touch display and the rearview camera make a real difference to my guys when they’re laying big rolls of sod or doing work where they’d usually have to look over their shoulder,” he says. “They also love the fact that the T76 has a much quieter cab. It’s like no other machine I’ve ever been in. You’re basically riding in a Cadillac. You don’t really hear the motor running at all. These are little features, but they add up when you’re spending the whole day inside the machine.” 

Knocking out large jobs in comfort is easy work for Jim’s compact track loaders. But when it comes to the more intricate tasks on his jobsites, he turns to a different kind of workhorse – the small but mighty MT85 mini track loader.  

“Our MT85 definitely replaces labor,” Jim says. “Its versatility is unmatched, and it’s working 90% of the week. We rely on it for a lot of tight spots. It’s lightweight, so it’s really quick and easy to load up on a small trailer and take it to a house where you don’t want to tear up the lawn. It’s also really handy for moving plants and trees.” 

To keep up with their excavating work, Jim and his crew rely on the power and versatility of the R2-Series E42. Using his E42 mini excavator, Jim’s crew can quickly and easily knock out challenging excavating projects.   

“The fact that I can run a three-foot bucket without a problem is pretty nice,” Jim says. “It has great reach, and it’s still compact enough that I can get in all the tighter spots of a smaller machine with the power of a slightly larger excavator.” 

Jim Mensching makes good use of the rearview camera on his loader’s touch display.

The golden rule of buying landscaping equipment 

Switching from a previously trusted brand to a new equipment partner is a big deal no matter how you look at it. It might take a lot of online research, positive reviews and equipment demos before gaining the courage to make that change. And while equipment performance is perhaps the first thing to consider, it’s important to remember the role that reliable dealer support plays in a company’s overall success. 

“Having a good relationship with your dealer is super important, because if we go down and they’re not there for us, we’re in trouble,” Jim says. “With Atlas Bobcat, I’ve never been told no. They’ve always come through for me. There are other brands I’ve worked with that won’t even look at you unless you’re spending millions of dollars with them. They’ll let you buy one or two machines, but when you need something serviced they’re not there for you. I’ve never had that problem with Atlas Bobcat. Whenever I need them, there they are.”  

Are you thinking about making a switch? Check out how our compact track loaders and compact excavators stack up against the competition. 

Jim Mensching enjoys the longer reach of his R2-Series E42 compact excavator.

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